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Creating a synergy of energyARKI Group is a story of team work, reliability and innovation, inspired by geese.

Established in 1996 Arki Group has been growing in stature over the past 24 years with strong presence in all over the UAE. As a vertically integrated organization Arki is able to deliver projects of different magnitudes while keeping steady control on quality, delivery and timelines. Arki’s specialty in providing turnkey solutions to a wide range of interior requirements make it an ideal partner to associate with and its collaboration with leading international manufacturers from different sectors have enabled Arki to present a bouquet of products and services in the market.

Arki Group’s basic values of Team Work, Positivity and Innovation has played an important part in making Arki an organization that takes pride in delivering quality turnkey interior projects in the UAE, GCC and Beyond.

Geese are experts at teamwork, flying in a V shape to optimize potential. As each bird flaps its wings, it creates uplift for the bird immediately following. By flying in a V formation, the whole flock adds at least 70% greater flying range than if each bird flew on its own. Quite similar to people who are part of a team and share a common direction get where they are going quicker and easier, because they are traveling on the trust of one another and lift each other up along the way.

Whenever a goose falls out of formation, it suddenly feels the drag and resistance of trying to go through it alone and quickly gets back into formation to take advantage of the power of the flock. When the lead goose gets tired, he rotates back in the wings and another Goose takes over. It pays to share leadership and take turns doing hard jobs.

It is indeed a reward, a challenge and a privilege to be a contributing member of a team!

Milestones that marked our journey

Today ARKI Group is a flock of companies that share an unflagging commitment to excellence, offering customers an array of the finest products and the finest service.

  • 01

    Hani Al Qasem founded ARKI Group that soon expanded beyond design works to include interior fit-out and trading of furniture.

  • 02

    Embracing more birds in its flock, ARKI Group grew into a full-fledged operation in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi; glass and aluminum manufacturing divisions were added to complement different project requirements.

  • 03

    ARKI Mobili was founded and soon developed into a joinery and furniture manufacturing unit in 2014.

  • 04

    To specifically cater to the oil sector in Abu Dhabi, ARKI Furniture & Décor was founded, marking another milestone in ARKI Group’s history.
    Covers by ARKI was launched to provide flooring solutions to our discerning clients.

  • 05

    ARKI Technology was formed, enabling to drive the investment in the future technologies.

  • 6

    ARKI Abu Dhabi new office and showroom launch

  • 7

    ARKI Dubai new office and showroom launch

  • 8

    Revamping and Relaunching ARKI Group Design in February 2018

  • 9

    Established SIXINCH Middle East

  • 10

    Launch of New products and Sonic Logo of ARKI Group and subsidiaries.

Hani Al Qasem Visionary Leader
Founder CEO
ARKI Group

Hani Al Qasem Visionary Leader
Founder CEO
ARKI Group

Vision and Values

Our Vision

ARKI Group will lead the Middle East with innovative high-quality solutions in interior space design, Fit Out and multifunctional furniture.

Our Mission

ARKI Group will capitalize its two decades of experience, achievements, and resources in each of its specialized companies, to set the benchmark of solutions and product development for interiors in the Middle East based on innovative technologies.

ARKI DXB office

ARKI DXB office

ARKI DXB office

ARKI Project site

ARKI Sports Day

ARKI Sports Day

ARKI Sports Day

ARKI Sports Day

ARKI Sports Day

ARKI DXB office

ARKI DXB office

ARKI DXB office

ARKI DXB office

ARKI DXB office

AUH Office

ARKI’s Culture and Community

Throughout our history, we have celebrated diversity and encouraged initiative. We believe that excellence thrives in a workforce that includes employees with a wide range of life experiences and a supportive culture that lets great ideas rise to the top. With a workforce that mirrors the demographics of those we serve, we offer products and services that meet people’s tastes and exceed their expectations.

Our greatest asset is our staff; and as such, we have adopted an open door policy that has encouraged people to shoulder responsibilities and attain leadership roles.

Our site operation staff is provided with high standard accommodation stipulated by the competent quality authorities in the respective Emirates of the UAE and follow regular and rigorous check & maintenance procedures by the internal safety and quality department of ARKI Group.

All the employees of ARKI Group are secured with medical health insurance and encouraged to stay fit with regular sporting events. We firmly believe in the importance of sports activities for the body and mind, and as such we organize an annual sporting and cultural day that help to create bonds and strengthens team spirit within the different departments of the company.


ARKI Group is aware that sustainability encompasses more than just health and safety, compliance and quality aspects; it also requires the formulation of strategies to promote environment, social, economic and corporate governance issues that will add shareholders value and build brand loyalty. The Group has a policy to introduce wherever possible work practices, manufacturing processes and substitution of raw materials with environmental friendly alternatives, partnering with like-minded businesses that have the highest standards in this regard. Our lead designers are ESTIDAMA and LEED accredited and we always ensure that these international quality standards are maintained in our designs and executed at our project sites.


ARKI Group has an ISO 9001:2008 accredited Quality and Management System with full Health and Safety policies and procedures in place. We have an in-house team of professionals with vast experienced technical experts and skilled site workers which enable us to carry out the construction of the fit-out jobs on hand as well as prospective works. Members of our design team are LEED and ESTIDAMA certified professionals.

ISO 14001- 2018 ARKI DUBAI & AUH
ISO 45001- 2018 ARKI DUBAI & AUH
Leed Platinum – Arki Abudhabi
Leed Platinum – Arki Dubai
ISO 9001-2015 ARKI Dubai
Health & Safety

Our Team

ARKI Group has over the years successfully gathered an exceptional flock of staff in every department. The combined effect of this and the fact that ARKI Group is directed passionately by Hani Al Qasem, Owner and Managing Director of the Group is a major reason for our success, and our edge over our competitors.