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Arki Manufacturing


Innovative High Capacity, Uncompromised Quality
ARKI MOBILI provides a broad range of custom-built furniture, solid surfaces, and high-end woodwork for residential, corporate, commercial, and public interior spaces.
As part of our sustainable design policy, ARKI MOBILI adopts the lean manufacturing method throughout production. Coupled with our skillful team of workers and cutting-edge machinery and technologies, this policy helps reduce waste and increase efficiency. This makes us a trusted partner in meeting high-capacity manufacturing requirements while maintaining superior craftsmanship.

ARKI Glass & Aluminum

Sustainable Glass & Aluminum Solutions for Commercial & Residential Spaces
ARKI Glass & Aluminum provides various safety-certified, sustainable, innovative glass and aluminum solutions such as partitions, skylights, doors, windows, and retractable systems.
Our choice of excellent materials and accessories, along with our advanced project management practices, allow us to cost-effectively serve commercial and residential spaces while maintaining aesthetics, functionality, and safety.
We are the regional manufacturing partner of LIBART retractable structures, the leading global brand in operable architectural solutions utilizing aluminum, glass, and mechanical systems.


Creating Functional Value that Lasts
SIXINCH ME creates vibrant and practical furniture designs using exclusive foam coating technology.
It is a fashionable creative hub operating within ARKI Group’s capacity. In line with ARKI Group’s Effectual Engineering method, SIXINCH ME brings functional and modern designs to commercial, residential, and public spaces with impactful, waterproof, and wear-resistant unique pieces.